Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Last glorious day in Naxos, September 26

Thank goodness we are moving to another island today since this blog risks becoming very boring and repetitive!  We had another glorious day on beautiful Plaka beach ~  the sun was shining, the water was wonderfully cool, the sand was warm and soft, and there was just the right breeze.  Den and I enjoyed another massage on the beach (a girl could really get used to this!) and then we ambled down the boardwalk for one last meal at Paradiso taverna.

We had a delicious meal of Greek salad, feta cheese and spanokopita ~ with beer and wine, this feast cost us 17 euros!  I really, really think we may have to move here, lol.

After a last few hours on the beach, we made our way back to Chora by bus and treated ourselves to iced coffees and decadent Greek desserts.

We relaxed back in our rooms on our balcony overlooking the sea and got ready for one last walk around Chora.  We bought our ferry tickets for Santorini along the way and then just wandered slowly, hand in hand, enjoying the view from the harbour and all the little touristy shops along the walkway.  We had a recommendation for a taverna in Old Market Street for dinner and we strolled and window shopped until we came upon Apostolis in a secluded little courtyard.  We enjoyed probably our best meal on Naxos here ~ warm vine leaves in a creamy lemon sauce, served with warm crusty bread to scoop up every inch of that sauce, Den's schnitzel with a cream and mushroom sauce and my Kleftiko, a tradional Greek dish of lamb, potatoes, vegetables and cheese topped with golden phyllo pastry baked in the oven and served in a clay pot.  With half a litre of wine, this feast was 32 euros ~ did I mention we may have to move here, lol

After lingering over our delicious meal for almost 2 hours, we continued to wander the little streets of Old Market town, stopping along the way at a tiny jazz bar where Den enjoyed his Cuban cigar and we listened to some cool jazz while sipping on a very generous pour of Grand Marnier.  We strolled back to our hotel on a warm balmy night, enjoying the light breeze and already making our plans to return to Naxos next year.

We are all packed and ready go to Santorini this afternoon.  This was probably the most highly anticipated part of our trip to Greece, but Naxos will be very hard to beat.  It has stolen our hearts and we know we will be back.  Kalimera!


  1. Jo, I've really enjoyed following your blog and your posts and pictures. I am so happy that you are enjoying your trip to Greece and have found such a wonderful paradise. You go girl!! Looking forward to more. Enjoy every second.

  2. Great blog :)
    Waiting to

  3. Yes it is a paradise... and you haven't even tapped a fraction of Naxos' treasures. Conquer your fear of a car & hire one for just a day to swoop around the island. You'll be delighted; statues in an orchard, views of the sea on BOTH sides, from a mountain crossroads, a sheer cliff of marble, and marble you can pick up on the roadside. So much to see!

    (12 Naxos visits since 1999)