Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Kolymbithres Beach, Paros

After a wonderful night's sleep and a very nice breakfast (included with our hotel stay), we were off to the harbour to get one of the little fishing boats to bring us to Kolymbithres Beach.  15 minutes later, the boat let us off at a little dock and we walked to a gorgeous beach, surrounded by very unique rock formations which have been formed by centuries of wind and water exposure.  We rented some beach chairs and umbrella and whiled away the morning swimming, napping, reading and enjoying!

Unfortunately, today was not one of Den's "au naturel" beach days, although he did ask the guy who rented us the beach chairs if there was somewhere he could bare it all ~ there was, but it was already reserved for the day.  Ah well, there's always tomorrow.  The beach was fairly empty but the guy told us that in July and August it is wall to wall people.  He said it was just a crazy time to be there and that we had chosen well by coming in September.

We sent up a little hill to the nearest taverna and had another Greek food heaven experience.  The owner told us that because it had looked like rain today, they were not serving a full menu because they didn't want to waste food and only served what they made the same day fresh.  She made suggestions and we ended up with fried feta, skordalia (a garlic potato dip), beef stew with rice and stuffed tomato and green pepper.  Everything was simply cooked and simply delicious.  Our meal, with the ubiquitous half litre of white wine, was 28 euros! The fantastic view of the sea and the mountains was included. I may have to move to Greece when I retire!

The wind had kicked up a bit and it did look like it might start to rain, so we went back to the dock and waited for the fishing boat to bring us back to Naoussa.  After a little walk around the village and stopping into the little taverna on the beach that we ate lunch at yesterday to make a dinner reservation for tonight, we ambled back to our hotel for a dip in the pool and a refreshing shower.

Tomorrow we are renting a car and going to the villages of Lefkes and Marathi (and maybe to find a secluded little beach for my hubby, lol)



  1. loving this blog Murielle!! :-) What another great day you had!! Continue to embrace the moments... and I hope your Den gets his wish for the secluded little beach!! :-)

  2. You guys are making me want to travel

  3. For au naturel sunbathing you should have taken the boat from Naoussa to Lageri instead of to Kolymbithres.