Sunday, 25 September 2011

Just another day in Paradise (with apologies to Phil Collins)

Well, it was another day of sun, sand, sea and nakedness!  We went back to Plaka today to enjoy the spectacular beach.  We decided to go a little later so we could enjoy the sunset from the beach and have dinner at Paradiso.

We had a great lunch at O Manolis and Den got his massage on the beach.  We sipped on ouzo as the sun made its descent and turned into a brilliant ball of orange before disappearing behind the mountains in the distance.  We went into the restaurant at Paridiso to get away from the wind and the night chill that set in once the sun was gone.

I'll let the pictures speak for themselves:

I know that some people are probably surprised that I would post that we went to a nude beach.  Anyone who knows us knows that we have enjoyed au naturel tanning since our first trip to the Caribbean in 2002 for our 20th anniversary.  I've always been upfront about the fact that we enjoy nude sunbathing because I really don't think I have to hide it.  Anyone who hasn't tried it is missing out on the freedom of having the sun, wind and sea on your skin ~ it's so hard to describe it but it's such a liberating sensation.  Europeans have a much more open attitude to nudity and it's just accepted here, just not a big deal at all.  Today we saw a little boy and his dad on the beach ~ the little guy was just running around, enjoying himself, giggling and singing a song.  He had nothing to be ashamed of and neither do we ~ we are comfortable enough with ourselves and are not here to to judge or be judge.  By the way, many people think they could never sunbathe in the nude because they don't have the "perfect" body ~ well, there were no perfect bodies on the beach today ~ just happy ones!  We come in all shapes and sizes, colours and ages and we were all there on the beach today, enjoying a beautiful day in the sun.  

Ok, off my soapbox for tonight.  Kalispera everyone!


  1. Hey Jo...

    "well, there were no perfect bodies on the beach today ~ just happy ones!"

    This is for me, the best way to describe the feeling, that we got on a nude beach. Have to admit that for many, many years this is simply part of our vacation... NO...this IS our vacation! Just being yourself amongst very nice people who share the same attitude towards life and freedom! I can only recommend this to everyone... like you said, feeling the sun, the sea and the wind on your body... simply GORGEOUS!


    BTW... and we don't have to worry about pickpockets neither... ;o))

  2. The beach that you have found between Aghia Anna and Paradiso is not actually Plaka. Plaka begins further along after Maragas Camping. You have to go a long way these days to find the au naturel part of plaka but it is there each side of the hotel at the end of the bus route.