Wednesday, 14 September 2011

3 days to go and too much on my mind!

Aaarrgghh, it's 4:45 am and I've been awake since 2 and up since 3:30!  Yes, part of it is excitement over our trip, but there's work issues, travel issues, renovations issues..........I need to turn it all off up there in my little brain, but I just can't seem to.

First, work..........since I'm away for 3 weeks, I have to make sure my desk and files are in order.  I'm worried about the workload my colleagues will have to take on, I'm worried the markets will keep gyrating and cause issues with our client portfolios, which will create so much extra work for the people who are covering for me.  Of course, I can't control this but I can and do worry about it.  I really hope everything stays calm for 3 weeks so my team doesn't hate me by the time I get back!

Second, travel........I've been worried about our travel plans to and in Greece for the past few months due to the economic crisis the country is going through at the moment.  The fact that I read research reports every day that highlight the possibility of Greek default and the consequences to the world economy really doesn't help!  Strikes and demonstrations have been the norm in Greece for quite a while now and my worst fears are about to be realized ~ there is a call for an air traffic controllers' strike this weekend, which means our flight from Paris to Athens may be delayed or cancelled.  I am hoping that the strike is ruled illegal, but we probably won't know for sure until the day before or even the day of our flight.  Of course, this is not the end of the world and we will adapt, but I hate this uncertainly and not being able to control this outcome.  Control freaks (hello!) are not very good when events occur regardless of our meticulous planning so this is adding to my stress level and ability to sleep bigtime.  When you add in the possibility of ferry strikes, taxi strikes and riots, well, let's just say it's not exactly shaping up as the idyllic  Greek Island getaway I was dreaming of.  To all those people who told us that we should expand our horizons beyond Paris and see other places............see, this is what I get for listening to you!!  I should have just planned our regular 2 weeks to Paris and obsessed about our restaurant selections the way I do every other year.  Ok, I just have to breathe and relax and remind myself that we will still be on vacation.  I'll try, I really will...............

And last, renovations.............our house is kind of falling apart since all our discretionary income in the last few years has gone to our travel budget.  We paid off our mortgage in June and finally decided to start fixing things, so we had the roof done this month and are having our upstairs bathroom completely redone while we are gone.  This sounded like a good idea at the time ~ why not avoid the mess and stress of having part of the house upside down by being away while it's done?  But it means that we have been running around getting plumbing, building and paint supplies the week before we leave. It also means we have to empty the areas the contractor will be working on before we leave and anticipating putting it all back when we return.  Again, remember that I am a control freak and I envisioned all my energy before my trip going to planning the last minute details of the trip and nothing coming into conflict with this.  Yes, it will all get done, and yes, it will be nice to come back to a brand new bathroom and no more leaking walls or ceilings, but damn it, it's taking a lot of time, energy and money to make sure it all goes according to plan.  Not to mention that when we come back exhausted after an overseas flight, we will have to spend part of our only day before going back to work putting the house back in order.  Ok, focus, Jo, on your 3 weeks away..........breathe, relax and look forward to a trip you have been planning since January. (crap, didn't work........I'm still stressed, lol)

Well, I don't know if putting this all down has helped me get it out of my head but it sure made for a long, boring post for everyone else.  I hope to make it much more interesting once we leave on Saturday.

Here's our itinerary (well, the planned version anyways, who knows how it will actually pan out)

September 17 ~ fly out of Montreal overnight to Paris
Sepember 18 ~ 4 hour layover in Paris and then fly to Athens (as long as there is no strike)
September 18-20 ~ taxi to Airotel Parthenon and quick visit of Athens
September 20-23 ~ ferry to Paros and stay at the Stelia Mare hotel
September 23-27 ~ ferry to Naxos and stay at the Hotel Spiros
September 27-Oct 1 ~ ferry to Santorini and stay at Anastasis Apartments.  Den's birthday is on the 29th.
October 1 ~ fly from Santorini to Athens and stay overnight at Sofitel Airport Hotel
October 2-9 ~ fly from Athens to Paris and stay in an apartment in the Marais district on Paris
October 9 ~ fly back home and hope that work and home are not in complete chaos

I may be bitching right now, but I know how lucky we are to be able to take such a wonderful trip.  I don't ever take it for granted and I am grateful for our good fortune.  So here's to a fantastic trip and my long winded blogging about it.

Oh, and Danielle and Paul should find out if they are having a boy or a girl today so Grandma and Poppa can do some serious shopping in Europe.


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  1. Hey, I checked this just today and it really reminded me about last night! Very poor sleep as I could not turn my brain off..between getting things done here and the trip planning/excitement. Of course, I don't have Greece issues like you (but oh, yes, Greece sounds so glorious! ). I don't leave for another week yet...but looking at your looks great...ferrying here and there and staying at a new fabo location! Anyhoo....I know you may not always be able to glow but I look forward to future posts! Cybee/Sue Pit*