Sunday, 9 September 2012

Back to Greece in 4 days!

Ah, my poor neglected little blog.  You only get attention whenever we go away.  Lucky for you, I am travel obsessed and you get looked after at least a few times a year, lol.

We visited Greece for the first time last September and fell in love with both the country and the people.    Greeks are so welcoming, so warm and helpful, they can't do enough to make your trip a memorable one. We made the decision to come back just a few weeks after we came back.  We were already thinking of where we wanted to celebrate our 30 years of marriage (yikes!) and Den didn't hesitate, Greece was his first and only choice (I made a valiant effort for Paris, but since we were there in May with Seb, I was overruled, lol). We booked our flights with Air Canada in January during a seat sale ~ gotta move fast to get those deals! We decided to spend 10 days in Naxos so that we can explore the island more than we did last year (and yes, to spend time on those beautiful beaches once again).  We hope to hire a local to drive us around the inland villages so we can get more of a feel for the people and villages of Naxos. We also hope to take an excursion to Delos and Mykonos as long as the weather and the sea co-operate.  We will be staying at Hotel Spiros once again, right on beautiful St George beach and walking distance to the old town and all it has to offer.  We will be having lunch under the big tree at Paradisio and we will be relaxing on the pristine Plaka beach, enjoying the sun and the sea in our god-given bathing suits.

our little balcony from our room at Hotel Spiros

sunset from the harbour in old town

Paradisio Taverna right on the beach

Den on beautiful Plaka beach

the little streets of old town
pathway to heaven (with apologies to Led Zepplin, lol)

After 10 days of rest and relaxation, we will take the ferry to Santorini and will spend 4 blissful nights at Anastasis ~ the little boutique hotel with spectacular views of the caldera and unparalleled service. Days of exploring the beauty of this unique island and nights of sunsets, wine and amazing food await us.  Last year, I was moved to tears watching the sunset over the caldera from the deck of our hotel and realizing how lucky we are to be able to enjoy these amazing experiences.  I take nothing for granted and am thankful for every wonderful trip we take.

the view as the ferry approaches Santorini

the view from our room at Anastasis


on the way to Fira
Beautiful Oia
I plan to take these 2 weeks to do a lot of thinking of what I want from life going forward. I need to figure out what is truly important to me and what will make me happy. Life is so short and we should be able to treasure every moment. I've been asking these questions since entering my 50's two years ago and I've yet to come to any decisions. Fear of change continues to hold me back. What am I prepared to give up to have peace of mind? These are hard questions to face and even harder to answer. Luckily, I have family who love me and support me unconditionally. They are the one constant in my life who do truly made me happy and make my life what it is. Here are the people who mean the world to me and keep me going:

So here we are ready to go on another adventure.  Two weeks of R&R, sun and sand and sea, good food and wine, meeting new people and reconnecting with some we met last year and spending time with the man who truly gets me (and still puts up with me after 30 years!).  See you on the other side....

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