Friday, 14 September 2012

Almost there!

It's now 12:07pm Greece time (5:07am Montreal time). We are in the Olympic lounge at the Athens airport, relaxing with a glass of wine for me and a Mythos beer for Den.  Our flight for Naxos leave at 2pm and 45 minutes later, we will be in beautiful Naxos for 10 days.

Man, travel does you in these days.  Remember when flying was glamourous and exciting? Now it's long, tiring, you are cramped into a tight space for 9 hours with crappy food and crappier entertainment (Air Canada sucks.  Give me Air France any day, lol).

We've been in transit since Wednesday night, when we left Cornwall around 6pm after a pretty stressful day.  We spent the night at the Best Western Airport Hotel where Den had a good night's sleep but where I kept reliving the day's events (that's for another post) and going over everything in my mind for the upcoming flights.  We were both up around 7am on Thursday morning, even though we could have  slept in.  We had breakfast at the hotel and took the shuttle to Dorval (I still call it that because I'm old, lol) around noon.  We had a quick check in and then just hung around the airport until our flight for Toronto left around 3pm.  A quick 45 minutes later and we were at Pearson International.  We only had about 90 minutes to make our connection but it went really well and we still had to wait since they boarded the flight to Athens about 30 minutes late.

9 hours later, we have landed safely in Athens.  That glass of wine is doing wonders for me (yes, I am technically drinking at 5:15am, but when in Rome........) and we are just whiling away the next hour or so until we go find our gate to board our flight to Naxos.  Then the real vacation will finally begin, just 40 hours after we left home!  I'm trying not to think about anything but our upcoming trip, but it's hard for me to just turn it off.  That's what the wine is for, lol.

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  1. welcome to the world of long flights - it never gets any easier ! I am dreading my flight to Rome in November - mind you the destination is always worth the pain. Enjoy !