Thursday, 17 May 2012

Some shopping and another great dinner in Paris

We actually got out of the apartment before 10am this morning!  We took our trusty 69 bus to the Louvre Rivoli stop and did some shopping at the Carousel du Louvre.  Seb got some cool stuff at the Natures & Decouvertes store and I was hoping to get a Paris cover for my iPhone at the Apple store but didn't find one I liked.  We then walked over to the Palais Royale for a picnic lunch.  We munched on our baguette sandwiches in the cool spring air and then walked over to the Frey Wille jewelry store on the corner of rue de Castiglione and Saint Honore.

I've admired the pieces at this store every time we've come to Paris, but have never dared go in to buy anything.  Before we left last week, my darling hubby told me that he had been saving up so that I could go buy something there to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary, which is on August 7 of this year.  At first I was reluctant because I don't really like to spend any money on myself, but he insisted, so what is a girl to do!  I chose a beautiful art deco bracelet in white gold and closed my eyes when the sweet lady rang up the bill.  I will wear this every day and remember how much my husband loves me.

We then went back to Angelina's as a reward for Seb being so patient with our shopping.  He had more of  their decadent hot chocolate and more salted caramel macarons.  We took the metro to BHV so Den could look for replacement sunglasses for the Ray Bans he recently lost.  He found a great pair, but we didn't have our passports for the detax, so we took the model number and will come back in the next 2 days to buy them.

We took "our" bus back home and relaxed for a couple of hours.  We facetimed Danielle and Paul (and Charlie, that little sweetheart) and I made reservations for dinner at Jeanne A, a little place I read about on Paris by Mouth.  We walked over to the restaurant in about 15 minutes and were given a very nice, spacious table.  The prix fixe is 23 euros for 2 courses or 27 for three.  Den and I both had the 3 courses menu ~ I had the timbale of legume a la Grecque  and the gigot d'agneau au laid, which was so tender, it melted in my mouth.  It was served with potatoes dauphinoises and salad. Den had the bulots with herbed mayonnaise, which he really enjoyed, and the raviolis of beef cheeks served with salad and roasted potatoes and veggies.  Seb had the saucisson to start and then just a little plate of the potatoes dauphinoises.  We all had dessert and Den and I each had 2 glasses of a very nice Cote de Rhone ~ dinner was 92 euros and was probably the best meal we had this trip.

We staggered  home and are now just relaxing in the apartment ~ I'm blogging, Den is on the iPad and Seb is just about asleep.

Tomorrow, I have lunch at Chez l'Ami Jean with friends and Den and Seb will have a picnic lunch at the Eiffel Tower (as long as the weather holds up).  We have 2 more full days in Paris and intend to enjoy each one as much as we can.  Seb has been an absolute dream to be with and we just love him more and more each and every minute we spend with him.


  1. Oh Jo - what a beautiful bracelet! And so glad you're posting pictures of your meals:)


  2. Beautiful is always nice to purchase a special souvenir from Paris. We passed Frey Wille as well but like you at first didn't dare go in! Had lunch in a nice cafe across the street instead. Sounds like you had a great day.


  3. Jo, so enjoying following along and especially looking forward to all the details and photos from your Chez l'Ami Jean lunch. We have a dinner reservation there for June.

  4. I am enjoying your blog! LOVE your bracelet! Excellent choice! 8^)