Saturday, 12 May 2012

Seb learns what walking in Paris with Grandma really means!

After another Parisian breakfast of pain au chocolate and croissant (almond this morning) we were out the door before 11am, ready to explore another part of Paris.  Since the weather forecast is sunny and a little cool today, we decided to do something from our outdoor list and chose the Luxembourg Gardens.  Den and I love the gardens and I've read so much about their great playground area.

Since it's so nice out, we (I) decide we will take a leisurely walk to the 5th.  We amble down rue de la Roquette to the Bastille and Seb and I are on the lookout for more Space Invaders.  The sun is out but it's a little windy.  We find a little park on Blvd Henri IV, just before the Pont de Sully where Seb plays a little while and Den takes more pictures.

We teach Seb the fine art of being flaneurs on the bridge and watch the boats go by, the lovers walking hand in hand and the men going fishing on the very tip of Ile Saint Louis.  I remember that the Institut du Monde Arabe is right across the bridge and we decide to bring Seb to see the wall of aperture windows.  As I'm trying to explain how the windows work, he says, "it's like what your pupil does, Grandma", and of course, he is right.  We take the elevators to the top to show him the inside workings of the windows and to take in the beautiful view from the terrace.

We should be on our way to Luxembourg, but I realize how close we are to Jardin des Plantes and how much Seb loves going to zoos, so we make our way to the entrance, not realizing we can't get in from the Quai Saint Bernard side and have to walk all the way along to Place Valhubert to get in.  We stop for an ice cream and cafe creme to rest our little toes and continue on into the zoo, spending over an hour strolling slowly to see as many animals as we can.  We even see a white peacock with its plumage in full display.  Seb tells us that he feels sorry for the animals that are in captivity and learned in science class that animals can have zoo rage!

I offer to take Seb to the Evolution Museum, which is also at the Jardin des Plantes, but he is getting hungry and a little tired (as is Den, but he's learned not to complain when I have a Paris walking day planned, lol).  We search for a little outdoor cafe to have lunch and find one on rue Monge near metro Censier Daubenton.  From my notes on my little Paris par Arrondissement book, I know that we are just minutes away from Dans les Landes, but this is Seb's trip, not mine, so we happily sit in the sun and enjoy our lunch.  I have a wonderful salad with mushrooms, tomatoes, chèvre on toast, serrano ham and lettuce, Den has a baguette with ham and cheese and Seb has a crepe with Nutella and bananas.  By the time we are done, it's past four and the energy and enthusiasm we all had for a day at a playground has passed.

Since we want to take a Seine cruise tonight to see Paris all lit up, we decide to head back to the apartment for a rest.  The shortest route on my map is taking the 61 bus from Austerlitz right back to Place Leon Blum so that is what we do.  With a stop at the nearest Monoprix to get Charlie his Sophie la Giraffe, we are back in the apartment a little past 5pm.

Seb calls his mom and tells her about his day and we are now trying to figure out what to do for supper.  I think the cruise is still on for tonight,  but we'll see if Seb (and Den) still have the energy to go 3 hours from now.

the cool aperture windows at l'Institute du Monde Arabe

some old church in Paris.....

beautiful Jardin des Plantes

taking a break from walking

white peacock

Mommy, this one is for you ~ a reminder of your wedding, lol


  1. Hi Muriel! Loving your blog posts! and I see you were in my little neighbourhood of Rue Monge!! What a pity you didn't stop by and say hello to Mustapha at his little bar/restaurant located at 16 Rue Monge :-) I'm sure he would have made you welcome if you had of mentioned my name! :-) Happy Birthday for today!! xxxx

  2. I am sure I have left comments but they don't seem to be published.

    Anyway loving your blog.

    Love Denise