Saturday, 1 October 2011

Our Greek Odyssey comes to an end..........

We spent our last full day in Santorini yesterday in the little beach town of Kamari.  It was easy enough to get there with the very efficient public bus system and we spent about 4 hours just strolling the seaside terraces, having a casual lunch at a beachside taverna, buying some great original shirts at Blue Monkey (the reason we came to Kamari ~ Den had seen their site on the net and just fell in love with their very unique designs), marvelling at the brave people who were actually in the water on this windy, breezy day, and meeting a very cool guy from Park Ex, the Greek district of Montreal where Den and I had our first apartment many, many years ago!  I recognized his accent as soon as he started talking.  He has a great little shop where he makes original candles out of volcanic rock.  He has owned bars in Fira and is thinking of perhaps converting his shop into a bar one day.  He's married and has 2 little kids and he is living the dream, my friends.  This is one place we would love to return to on our next trip ~ he's friends with some musicians and we'd love to spend time at their little jazz bar, just chilling.

We were back at the hotel a little past 4pm for our last frappes on our terraces and our last sunset on Santorini.  Time sure flies by when you are having the time of your lives:

After dragging ourselves away from one of the most beautiful views on earth, we took a taxi for one last dinner in Fira.  We walked the little streets again for a while and decided on a little taverna for a selection of mezes ~ greek appetizers for our last dinner here in Santorini.  We had some old favourites ~ fried tomato balls (I know, but I can't get enough of them!), grilled feta, white eggplant rolls and meatballs in tomato sauce. Dinner was very casual and we just sat and reminisced on all the wonderful meals we've eaten, places we've seen and especially people we've met in the last 2 weeks.  Greece has been more memorable than either of us could ever have imagined and we absolutely will be back.

For dessert, we walked to the edge of the town, far from the tourists and found the stuff that foodie dreams are made of ~ a tiny little place making loukamades to order.  Den had the chocolate stuffed ones and I had traditional with honey ~ they were piping hot and airy, and worth every damn calorie!

Today is Saturday, October 1 and we fly to Athens tonight from the Santorini airport.  I guess we made a good decision on the flight because the ferries today have been delayed due to high winds.  The delays means that we can stay in our room at least until 2pm which means we can enjoy the magic of Anastasis just a little bit longer.  This is exactly what I am going to do with the rest of the day.

Thanks for hanging on through all my food and sunset pictures!  See you in Paris...........


  1. Hi Murielle... just catching up on your posts now that I have returned to Sydney! Oh my, I loved reading thru them and the photos you posted are all awesome, the sunsets are magical there aren't they! I also loved my time in Santorini and Oia... beautiful views! Hope you have an awesome time in Paris!! Bisous Murielle

  2. Hi Jo

    I just love your blog.


  3. I've just caught up on your Greek adventures. What a great time you both had.

    Your hotel in Santorini looks absolutely fabulous. An excellent choice!