Saturday, 27 August 2011

Our week in Cuba with Seb, April 2011

We spent a wonderful week in Cayo Guillermo, Cuba with our wonderful grandson, Sebastian.  We have been to several islands in the Caribbean (Jamaica, Cuba, Dominican Rebuplic as well as the Mayan Riviera in Mexico) and while we have enjoyed them all, we have found the most beautiful beaches to be in Cuba.  The food may not be gourmet (due in part to the ongoing US embargo) and the hotels may not be 5 star, but the beaches are the most wondrous we've ever seen ~ the sand is like spun sugar and the water is crystal clear.  The people are so generous and warm, and although the Communist system does take its toll on the human spririt sometimes, it also provides free health care, education and lodging for its citizens ~ things some Western developed nations still do not.

Sebastian was a joy to be with all week ~ he was full of wonder at the beautiful beach and grounds, he was sweet and polite and even tried to use a few words of Spanish to communicate with the staff at the resort, the Iberostar Daiquiri.  One of the servers at the buffet just fell in love with him and had little surprises and gifts for him at dinner on several nights.

Here's a few pictures to enjoy:

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