Saturday, 27 August 2011

My First Post

So I'm finally making the move from my old blog to comfy, easy to use, just perfect for an old broad, Blogger!

I usually blog about our trips, mostly to keep an record for myself (for when I'm too old to remember what the hell we did, what the hell we ate, and where the hell we went) and to stay in contact with friends and family when we are away (the better to make them envious of all our wonderful trips ~ although they probably wouldn't be too envious if they saw our bank balance when we come back!).  I'll actually try to update the blog in between since I'm kind of going through a mid-life crisis these days and it may do me good to get some stuff off my chest (but then again, I may have to limit access to too many colleagues and family if I get really honest with myself!).

I'll start off by posting our memories and pictures of our last trip to Paris in November.  I'll also add some pictures and thoughts about our trip to Cuba with Seb and Danielle and Paul's wedding in Vegas this May (2011).

This is just by way of practicing for our big trip in 3 weeks ~ we are going to Greece for the first time for 2 glorious weeks and back to Paris for 1 week (thank you, Air France, for the seat sale with the free Paris stopover!!)

Ok, that's it for the first post ~ let's see if it worked!


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  1. Hi Jo, really looking forward to following your blog. So far so good, as usual.